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Bowman Woods Swim and Racquet Club


All safety rules must be followed by all children and adults. Failure to comply with the stated rules and appropriate safety measures as communicated by the staff may result in suspension of club privileges for the day and possibly revocation of club membership. No refunds would be granted and the stock membership will be forfeited back to the club.

General Facility Rules

  1. Lifeguards are privileged to establish more specific pool rules for the added safety of swimmers and others using the pool and club facilities.
  2. No pets.
  3. No smoking, vaping, or tobacco of any kind on BWSRC property.
  4. No glass bottles or containers are allowed on BWSRC property.
  5. Members 11 years of age or younger will not be allowed to enter BWSRC facility without an adult member (18+ years of age) or the members assigned babysitter (see Article I Section 3D of the Club’s Bylaws). The assigned babysitter must be 14 years of age or older and must be someone included in the current family registration. This may include an older sibling of the family that is a member.

  6. Members between the ages of 12 and 17 must adhere to all BWSRC regulations and bylaws. Failure to do so will result in the revoked privilege of entering the facility without an adult that is 18+ years of age.
  7. All members must present their membership card upon entering the pool. Membership cards can be displayed using the Wild Apricot app on a mobile device, or can be printed from the Bowman Woods Pool website.

General Pool Rules 

  1. Swim suits only allowed - no cutoffs or gym shorts.

  2. Showers are recommended before entering the pool. All members and guests playing on the sand volleyball court must use the water provided via the faucet outside the entrance of the pool to rinse off sand prior to entering the facility.
  3. No running.
  4. Only lifeguards allowed on the lifeguard stands.
  5. No food is allowed in the water at any time. No drinks for persons under 21 years of age is allowed in the water at any time.
  6. All trash, cans, bottles used at the BWRSC facility should be disposed of in containers provided by members to ensure a clean and safe environment.
  7. At the DANGER signal, one long blast of a whistle, the pool is to be cleared immediately and everyone is to be silent for further instructions from the guard.

  8. If there is one short blast of the whistle, give your attention to the guard as this means the guard needs the attention of a member.
  9. No person who has respiratory disease, or other communicable disease, disease discharge, bandage of any kind, or is otherwise ill is permitted to enter the pool. No person who has been reported by a doctor as having or as being a carrier of infectious disease is permitted to enter the pool.

  10. Lounge chairs are primarily for adult members only. When busy, all children should utilize their parents/babysitters chairs or hooks provided on east fence next to baby pool to hang their towels and other personal items. There will be announcements made by club manager and ask that all members comply for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  11. Private or semi-private functions and activities, such as swim lessons, may only be conducted during the allotted time-periods. Any deviation must be requested in advance and granted by club management. Club management reserves the right to amend the request based on staffing needs and if anticipate a detrimental impact to normal use of facility for the overall membership base.

  12. We ask that all members refrain from changing children on deck. A diaper changing station is provided for your convenience in the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Pool Swimming Rules

  1. No glass.
  2. No coolers on the pool's edge.
  3. No smoking, vaping, or tobacco on pool grounds.
  4. Only pool balls allowed. 
  5. Mermaid tails, flippers, kickboards, and noodles ONLY allowed when there are 20 or fewer people.
  6. No squirt/water guns.
  7. No tubes - Infant floats allowed within arm's reach. 
  8. Life jackets/flotation devices allowed in 5 foot area and under ONLY!
  9. Kids must be 12 years old to come alone.
  10. No horseplay or piggy back rides.

Pool Guests 

    1. An adult member (18 years of age or older) or the member’s assigned babysitter (see Article I Section 3D of the Club’s By-Laws) must register all guests.
    2. All guests must be accompanied by a parent, member 14 years of age or older or the member’s assigned baby sitter (see Article I Section 3D of the Club’s By-Laws) while using the club’s facilities. The assigned babysitter must be at least 14 years old and must be someone included in the current family registration.
    3. Each guest must register at the sign in table. They need to tell their first and last name and their age to the lifeguard.
    4. No guest will be allowed if, in the opinion of the pool manager, the capacity of the club’s facilities will be exceeded.
    5. Adult members have first choice of pool furniture.
    6. All guests are subject to all pool rules and regulations. 

    Pool Area Rental Policy

    1. The pool is available for rent on an exclusive basis before normal opening time and after normal closing time.  A) Recommended rental time after close is from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and all attendees gone to facilitate pool closing procedures. Daytime rentals from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. when available. Please inquire regarding alternative times. All rentals must be finished by 11:00 p.m.

    2. Two hour rental required and full payment plus processing fee is required at time of reservation payable by online invoice. Reservations will not be made without accompanying payment.
    3. Fees are as described in the current fee schedule found on the website:  

      A) Rental payment is due in full at the time of booking plus the processing fee.  

      BReservations will not be made without accompanying payment.  

      C) Additional fees may be assessed pending the pool and surrounding area are clean and no damage has been sustained to pool property as a result of the party.

    4. Cancellations: No refunds for renter’s cancellation for any reason less than 72 hours prior to the planned start time. Any cancellation by BWSRC personnel (e.g. weather or equipment failure) will be refunded in full.

    5. All guests are subject to pool rules and regulations.
    6. For events that run into the evening it is important that music & noise levels be monitored and controlled since the pool resides in a residential area.
    7. Liability: Renter and all attendees agree to limitations of liability coverage provided by BWSRC insurance, and will not hold BWSRC, its Board, agents, or members liable for accident or mishap.

    8. One lifeguard is required for every 15 people invited. The rental rate provides for exclusive use of facilities along with the required staff. At the sole discretion of the BWSRC, Renter agrees to fund additional lifeguards to provide for a safe rental experience and/or comply with state and local laws.

    9. A member may hold a party during business hours by submitting a During Business Hours Rental Request From found on the website. This type of event is limited to 2 hours and 15 non-member guests. The purpose of this request is to ensure adequate lifeguard staffing and must be approved ahead of time. Only one rental request will be scheduled at any one time. More than 15 guests must be an after business hour request. During Business Hours Rental Requests will not be granted on Memorial Day, 4thof July, or Labor Day.

    Tennis Court Rules

    1. Tennis court usage will be controlled first come first serve unless reservations have been made during the regular pool season.
    2. Courtesy dictates that at the end of the reserved hour, players should be allowed to complete a game, but not necessarily a set.

    3. If, at the end of the reserved hour, no one has signed up for the next hour, the current players may sign up for that time.
    4. When making reservations, one may indicate if it is a foursome or whether or not additional players would be accepted to make it a foursome.
    5. Juniors under 16 should yield to adults after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends except when playing with an adult member or in an association sponsored event.
    6. Proof of Membership must be available for all players. Guests may accompany a member but should be registered at the guard desk at the pool first, and fees as per the current Fee Schedule paid.

    7. Outside the regular pool season, the courts may be used during daylight hours. Court usage will be on a first come, first served basis. Play should be restricted to one hour if others are waiting for the courts.

    8. It is expected that good sportsmanship and courtesy shall prevail at all times. 


    1. Equipment is available from the pool office and is for members’ use only. Members are responsible for returning the equipment borrowed to the pool office when done. A shoe or another item of value is to be traded for equipment to insure it is returned.

    2. Facilities are on a first come first serve basis. Play should be restricted to one hour if other players are waiting to play.

    Pool Closings

    1.  Due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions, the Pool Manager (or in his/her absence, the Assistant manager) may determine that the pool should close either prior to opening or after opening.

    A. After closing the pool due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions, the manager will reassess the situation and determine if the pool will reopen or remain closed. 

    B. The Bowman Woods Swim and Racquet Club Facebook group will be updated every two hours to notify members of closings and re-openings.


    1. All bicycles must be stored in or around the supplied bicycle racks located near the tennis courts and the west end of the pool house.
    2. No bikes are allowed on the sidewalks.

Pool Rules and Club Regulations

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