Pool Hours:
Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • Monday - Friday (Unless a holiday) 12:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday (and holidays)  11:00am to 8:30pm
  • When school is in session Mon-Friday 4:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Adult Lap Swim - currently not offered due to low attendance
  • Guests are welcome with a member and are $5 per person and may come up to 5 times.

Bowman Woods swim and racquet club

BWSRC is a private neighborhood pool that requires being a member to enjoy the amenities.  Guests are welcome to attend with a member for $5 per visit and up to 5 visits per season.   To become a member there is a one-time membership fee and annual dues every April 1st.  This is a private sale between the seller and buyer.  The Board Membership chair will assist in the sale and purchase of a membership.  Therefore, the price may vary.  For more details go to the Join Us tab. 

  • No upcoming events

Membership and Board Positions

There is currently a wait list for 2019 Memberships.  Please contact Becky at memberships@bowmanwoods.com  for more information.

                                                                                           Open Board Positions 2018-2019 Pool Season

1.    President (2 year term)
a.      The President shall preside at the membership meetings of the corporation and shall preside at the meeting of the Board of Directors. He/She shall appoint and remove subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors, all standing committee, designating the Chairman thereof, and all special committees as may be directed. He/She shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees. He/She shall be the Administrative Officer of the corporation and shall perform all other acts properly belonging to his office, including executive supervision of all activities of the corporation and its employees.
2.      Co-Treasurer (2 year term)
a.      The Treasurer shall attend to keeping the financial accounts of the corporation, maintaining the membership information lists, collecting its revenues and paying its bills as approved by the Board of Directors.
b.      He/She shall deposit funds of the corporation as received in the name of the corporation as authorized by the Board. He/She shall perform such other duties pertaining to his/her office as may be required by the Board.
3.    Swim Team (2 year term)
a.    Hires the head coach for swim team and approve hires of assistant coaches chosen by the swim team coach. Oversee all aspects of swim team and swim lesson coordination in conjunction with Swim Team Head Coach and Pool Manager.
b.    Attend the organizational meeting conducted by the Cedar Rapids Recreation Department, along with members of the coaching staff, and keep the department apprised of any change in contact information. This meeting usually takes place the second week of May.
c.    Schedule swim practices, swim meets, team photographs, and season kick off/wrap up parties in conjunction with the coaching staff and any sponsors.
4.    Co-Social Chair (2 year term)
a.    Organize family day, family night, adult events
b.    Contact businesses to try and gain sponsorships for events
c.    Order and/or food & decorations for upcoming events
d.    Email notifications for any upcoming events
e.    Maintain Facebook page and make announcements via the page
f.    Maintain the website events calendar
g.    Update events white board at pool and request that guards make announcements throughout the day to promote any upcoming events.

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Make a SPLASH -  Board Member Positions are available! 

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